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Cut Copy Paste

One of the most useful tools in Windows!

What is it used for?

This tool can be used to move or repeat information. You can move one word, a paragraph, several pages etc. You can move information within the same document or between different files. You can move a file from one location on your computer to another location.

How does it work?

You select the information that you want to move or replicate, and give either the Cut or Copy command (see the difference in the next question). The information is then placed on the Clipboard. You select the location that you would like the information to appear and give the Paste command. The information appears in the new location. Only one piece of information at a time can be on the clipboard. Information on the clipboard is replaced when you give a new Cut or Copy Command. If you shut the computer down, all information on the Clipboard is erased.

What is the difference between Cut and Copy?

Cut removes the information from its original location and relocates it when you use Paste.

Copy leaves the information in its original location and makes another copy of the information when you use Paste.

Be careful using Cut, because if you Cut information and do not Paste it- Your information is GONE! Some people prefer to use Copy and then go back and delete the information in its original location after it has been successfully pasted!

How do I use it?

bulletSelect the information that you want to move (if it is text highlight the words).
bulletRight click on the selected area and a menu will pop up Choose Copy (or Cut).
bulletMove to the area that you want the information to appear (If it is text click the spot where you want to insert the information with your mouse).
bulletRight click on the desired area and a menu will pop up Choose Paste.

Any other hot tips?

The information stays on the clipboard until it is replaced, this means that you can Copy (or Cut) once and Paste as many times as you want. This repeats the same information over and over.

You can use this tool to copy a web address into an e-mail message or document (easier than typing all of those slashes, tildes etc!

You can use this to "take notes" by copying the information you wish to retain from its original document (web page etc) to a blank word processor document.

The more you use the Copy and Paste commands the more uses you will find for it!!!